Easy 3D, easy.

Quick start

Make your first render in less than a minute!

Learn how to

  • Drag in a design
  • Move the camera around
  • Take a snapshot
  • Use the snapshot in a Keynote presentation

That’s it! You’re ready to use Design Camera

Advanced features

Design Camera’s UI is simple, but totally powerful. Here’s some advanced tricks for you.

Transparent background

Learn how to

  • Render an image with a transparent background
  • Use the transparency in a Keynote presentation

Move the camera around

Learn how to

  • Pan around
  • Pan with one axis locked
  • Move camera in and out (note: zooming the camera is a different thing, look for Focal Length in the Lens tab if you need that)


Design Camera comes with a set of animations you can preview and render to 4k with a single click. Adding new animations as we go along. Submit your ideas!

Manual animations

Learn how to

  • Create your first animation with two keyframes
  • Play your animation as you record
  • Use the animation in a Keynote presentation

Connecting your iPhone’s screen to Design Camera

Here’s how

  • Open Design Camera and plug in your iPhone
  • After a few seconds, the USB icon becomes active
  • Click Connect
  • You now see your iPhone’s screen on the 3D model

Import from Sketch

Learn how to

  • Import an exploded Sketch artboard into Design Camera using the shortcut option+cmd+e
  • Adjust the explosion levitation
  • Export into Keynote
  • Play with focus blur for extra depth
  • Flatten the artboard

Frequently asked questions

What are some alternatives to Design Camera?

There’s a lot of really cool alternative ways to present your designs

  • Screenspace.io (300 USD per week per project). Super impressive, and web based.
  • Cinema 4D (starting at 995 USD) and Adobe After Effects (19.99 USD/month). State of the art 3D rendering and animation. If you’re new to these apps, consider video tutorials from Grayscale Gorilla, Pluralsight, or Lynda.com
  • Design + Code Angles (50 USD). Great-looking Sketch templates, although not real 3D.
  • Cleanmock (48 USD subscription). No 3D, but simple to use.
  • Hire a freelance 3D artist (2,500 USD/week).

Do you have an early preview beta program?


How do I get my designs into the app?

Three ways:

  • Dragging. Simply drag a PNG, jpeg, avi, mov or mp4 file onto the 3D device in the app.
  • USB. Click the little USB icon in the toolbar to show your iPhone screen live. Make sure the iPhone in the app and your iPhone have the same screen size
  • Sketch. Go to Sketch and press ⌘ + ⎇ + e, or choose CameraExporter in the Plugins menu.

Can I drag in movie files too?

Yes. A few cool things about using video files from e.g. Principle, Flinto, After Effects, or maybe a screen recording:

  • There’s a video player control in the Animation sidebar
  • When you hit Record, Design Camera rewinds the movie for you automatically

Nothing happens when I drag in a Sketch file

Right now, you can only drag in image or movie files. To import a Sketch artboard, go to Sketch and press ⌘ + ⎇ + e, or choose CameraExporter in the Plugins menu.

How do I control the 3D device?

You’re moving the camera rather than the device.

  • To zoom, pinch your trackpad
  • To zoom with a mouse, hold down option or shift while scrolling
  • To move (truck), swipe with two fingers on the trackpad
  • To rotate in 3D, click and hold the device while dragging
  • To rotate in 2D, put two fingers on the trackpad and rotate

What kind of output files do I get?

When you render snapshots, Design Camera currently renders a 4K PNG image. For videos, you’ll get a Quicktime movie file. The dimensions of the movie will be the same as the size of your window.

What about 4K movies, then?

You can render the preset animations in 4K, 2K, 1080p and 720p. Snapshots render in 4K.

Can you add more devices?

Yes. Take this survey to voice your opinion.

Can you see my secret designs?

No. Everything is done locally on your own computer. To improve the app, users contribute anonymous usage and crash logs. If that’s a problem, let’s talk.

I have ideas!

Let’s chat. Click that chat bubble you see in the lower right corner of this page.

Who’s making this?

I’m Morten. I made Design Camera because I do a lot of pitches at work, and realized that if my decks don’t persuade, I don’t. I built most of the app on several long-distance flights instead of watching movies. Or sleeping. Or eating.

What is the pricing?

The app is free while we’re in beta.

Which computer should I have?

  • macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer
  • Metal support - Macs made around mid-2014 or newer. Find out if you have it.

My Mac is a few years old, can I still use it?

Yes. Rendering and animating realtime 3D can be a tough on any computer, so the newer, faster and bigger, the better. If your experience is a little janky, and you don’t plan on getting a new Mac with more RAM and a sweet graphics card, you can try this:

  • Render animation presets
  • When recording manual animations, make the window a little smaller
  • Consider using a video file rather than the live iPhone view

On my mid-2015 Mac, I see a black area instead of a 3D device

Check for updates or re-download, and you should be good to go!